Omega Seamaster Ploprof introduction of coaxial main stopwatch and titanium

in 2009, Omega introduced the new Ploprof, or as the nomenclature says, the Omega Seamaster 1200m Ploprof coaxial. this year, as seen in the globemaster collection omega newly introduced (where you can find all the details about this new certification), we have again seen some changes, as it now has a new certification and new evidence – standard stopwatch teacher.
The first change relates to water resistance, now at 1200m – again due to new technologies. the protection of the crown and the cabinet has also been improved and easier to grip, but push the rear window is still appropriate in place. The second change that is needed is to rely on its visual aspects, which were extremely close to the classic edition. It came with the same general design for the case, dial and hands. it was still a huge clock, but the construction of the case was the major update. due to technological advances, the case gets rid of monobloc design and dates back to a traditional middle case, with a separate back case and bezel – considerably facilitate service operations. Last but not least, the omega Seamster Ploprof 2009 edition comes with a modern coaxial movement chronometer, the 8500 caliber.
in relation to the enormous size of this Omega Seamaster 1200m Ploprof, the use of lightweight titanium is more than welcome, as it will not make smaller clock, but at least, easier to wear everyday. The first advantage of this metal is more resistant to scratches and corrosion – something professional divers certainly going to replicas
in the 2009 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m, the bezel was made of sapphire crystal form (on the back) with a scale of 60 minutes. Several years later, in 2015, Omega Seamaster 1200m Ploprof coaxial main stopwatch, do not be surprised to see the arrival of a new one, more resistant ceramic material. as a matter of fact, many things that can not be seen with the naked eye. certainly easily recognize the new line combos / bevel / belt, but the rest of the updates is more technical. first introduced in 2013, this new movement began to be widely used in the collection last year, especially with the introduction of the Omega Seamaster 300m main coaxial.

1In terms of design, the clock to keep accurate identically, with its box of 17.5 mm x 55 mm x 48 mm. the main novelty is something that we totally applause: the use of titanium for both the case and bracelet mesh (the use of titanium for a bracelet that seems to be a world first) .The second update concerns the bezel.
the case comes with a latest update of the bottom of the box is made of sapphire crystal, in order to provide insight into the movement. Tale at least 5-6 different types of finish around the movement alone. every surface around the movement is completed, from sunlight around the gears several stripes on all bridges, the rotors and the housing. 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m coaxial stopwatch master titanium features the 8912 caliber, ie without the updated movements that can be found in the globemaster omega replica edition – the movements previously known as the main co-axial. It is allowing the movement to be resistant to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss, based on the first rules COSC and then build an internal process along with goals. Basically, we find all the technologies created by omega, including fully anti-magnetic co-axial escapement and construction, with all major parts made of silicone (steering wheel, escape wheel and pallets, spiral) or non-magnetic metals ( for plates and bridges).
some watches tend to protrude through the brand name, others through durability and others through an output of this world design. the clock is deeply attractive under the lights, the range of finishes means that the watch shows a complexity that belies the design, at least in theory seems simple. Omega caliber 8912 has two barrels of 60 hours of power reserve and ticks at 3.5 Hz. is decorated with arabesques Geneva stripes. the accuracy of the replica watches said main timer coaxial half -0, + 5 seconds per day.

Swiss Omega watches OMEGA

In 1848, 23-year-old Louis Brandt in the northwest of La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland run from a small workshop assembled watch. Every winter snow closing, he was careful in the workshop production of pocket watches, after the spring, go to Italy, the UK, Scandinavia and other places to sell their products and services.


1879 Louis Brandt died, his two sons Louis Paul and Cesar took over his father’s industry. Due to the unstable quality of spare parts provided by other local workshops, two brothers decided to produce their own all the parts, while abandoning the traditional watchmaking methods, use of mechanized production. In 1880, they established a new plant in human resources, transportation and energy supply conditions more ideal than the security area, where still OMEGA Omega watches headquarters.

In 1892, Brandt brothers produced the world’s first timekeeping able, each quarter, the score of three repeater table (Minute-repeater). In 1894 they made a precise and accurate drilling movement table 19, and the Greek letter “Ω” for signs, since the birth of the Omega brand. Ω is the last letter of the Greek symbol of perfection and achievement. Two years later, the 19 drill movements several well-known European Observatory issued the certificate precise timing, Omega has since became famous. In 1903, Brandt brother has died, when OMEGA Omega watches already Switzerland’s largest watchmaker, has more than 800 employees, an annual output of 240 000 table.
First, during World War II, OMEGA Omega watches are RAF private table. In 1932, the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee selected Omega timer designated the General Assembly, which is the first time the Olympic Games time task entrusted to a single company. Since then, OMEGA Omega watches began to play an active role in various international sporting events.

In 1932, OMEGA Omega watches pioneered the world’s first diving watch – Marine Series (Marine). Thereafter they produce Omega Seamaster (Seamaster) professional diving watch. 1993 Omega introduced 18K gold self-winding watch equipped with a diving hippocampus helium discharge valve, which is the world’s first and only push button in the 300 meters underwater still functioning mechanical diving watch.

OMEGA Omega watches most legendary is its Speedmaster Professional Chronograph. In the 1960s, NASA spent two years on a number of watches strict weight loss, magnetic fields, shock, impact and temperature tests, the results topped the Omega Speedmaster, it was identified in 1965 and designated as a NASA timer (10 years after the Speedmaster also became the designated timer Soviet astronaut). July 21, 1969, OMEGA Omega watches follow the US astronaut Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. In 1970, the Speedmaster again tenths of a second precision timing features to help fuel warehouse explosion Apollo 13 spacecraft activation engine, successfully returned to Earth from lunar orbit. In recognition of the outstanding performance Speedmaster in the rescue operation, particularly its highest honor NASA “Snoopy Award” awarded to Omega.
Omega has always been excellence, and a forward-looking attitude to explore the art of watchmaking. For over a half century, OMEGA Omega watches with superb production technology and good design award-winning. In the Swiss watch industry, Omega represents the exquisite and innovation. Most have received mechanical movement Omega Swiss official Observatory testing, and repeatedly hit the most accurate time records. The OMEGA Omega watch design is also extremely perfect, reveal a different kind of elegance.

Today, OMEGA Omega watches have developed a number of series, such as fashion Constellation, Ville, as well as professional use table Seamaster, Speedmaster series. Additionally, one of the world’s modern stadium in the country large-scale video matrix scoreboard is Omega’s inventions. Omega believes that the composition of “OMEGA” five letters may be able to make the interpretation of several features of the brand disdain peers, that is: O representatives Olympics, M on behalf of Mega-precision, E on behalf of Elegance, on behalf of Geography G, A representative of Astronaut.

Table Shop prevent flicker debunked allow confusion to

Lead: shopping spend money, how much is to make a woman heart, how many men scratching their heads and let things, a man is said to be able to within half an hour it bought a pair of shoes, two shirts, three pairs of pants, do not try to even straightforward. However, buy a table is not as simple as buying clothes, not directly as table clothes, at a glance, visiting the watch shop is a laborious job. Many watch professional terms, the movement structure takes a long time to understand, learn, buy a watch for energy is a costly thing, from selection to purchase and then sale, is a very tangled process .

Misunderstanding one: on the power reserve

Some time ago a friend bought a piece of red Tissot ladies watch, 38 hours power replicas de relojes reserve, power reserve watch often feel inadequate, sometimes day did not bring, and went stopped, and reserve time is getting short.replicas relojes de lujo

ETA Movement

Power reserve display all the features of the watch is the most simple and practical one, perhaps a lot of attention from experts tourbillon, the three asked other complex functions, but for the average buyer, power reserve is also a very important one. Need to ensure the winding replicas relojes de lujo  run time, the longer the better to maintain the power reserve of travel time watch. For mechanical watches, including hand-winding and automatic winding, self-winding watches, automatic movement of the rotating disk utilization swing generates power to drive the winding, and the hand-winding mechanical watch is to rely on hand-powered . Generally, ETA movement watches about 40 hours power, that is 42 hours long, short words is 38 hours, of course, there are many long-powered watch, you can belong to more than three days is generally long power reserves, 7 days, 8 days, 14 days are also present.

More than just talking about a theoretical value, in many shop recommend their watch, they’d say, This table has 38 hours of super-long reserve. However, many friends of the table, when the day does not wear away stopped, clearly not enough 38 hours.

IWC seven chain

At this time staff were often ignored or deliberately concealed a small detail, the watch only when the power is completely released can achieve its desired reserve status, and often self-winding watch worn on the wrist, arm movement lack of power, then,Zwitserse Replica Horloges Goedkope, Nep Rolex Replica Horloges  the power will not be 100% release. Even for the manual winding movement each time on the full string, due to friction and wear of internal parts, power reserve watch will gradually reduce, not eternal.

Myth two: the movement of all production

Each is self-producing natural brands are eager to have the honor, no brand will not admit that he developed the movement, and even their own research and development of movement is not good, but in reality not every brand can do so. Now many brands have declared their watches with the self-produced movement, but often bought after ETA movement, to a certain degree of processing, it is called self-produced movement, and put their own brand model, but resulting in many consumers into a misunderstanding.

ETA Movement

Almost 85% of the market, are used in ETA movement (including a large number to Replica Watches UK – 2016 UK Replica Rolex Watches Limited Sale be modified based on ETA movement). ETA movements many models, but mainly ETA2824-2, ETA2892A2, ETA7750, ETA6497 four main, as well as other sections, semi-finished movement.

Parts under the lens

In addition to Patek Philippe, Rolex and Jaeger those few brands have full range of products with self-produced movement, the other mostly derived based on this movement, in which many of them well-known brands such as Tissot, plum, Mido (Mido), IWC (IWC), Breitling (Breitling), Chopin (Chopard), JUVENIA (Juvenia) and other brands of the watch production, you can see the shadow of ETA.

Self-produced movement

ETA movement but not necessarily bad, like self-produced movement, the movement later polished, decorated for the performance of the movement is also very important. Has a production capacity may be measured by a standard watch brands, but the self-produced movement replika klockor tag heuer is good or bad, or to analyze specific issues.

Misunderstanding number three: About Waterproof

One problem is everyone waterproof everyday easily overlooked, most people will buy the table asked the waiter, “This water table it?” The answer is basically “normal water is no problem, will not face any water to wash their hands . “so, what is” normal “? What is “not water”? This is not to bite the study text word for white table available, many people are unsure of this concept.

What Waterproof yes?

What Waterproof yes?

Although today’s watches are generally waterproof, 3ATM, 5ATM, 10ATM water rolex relojes baratas depth in the watch belong to a common product, but if the purchaser’s problems so far, waiters will this position, no more, say a word. In fact, this water, there are many potential risks.

Even with better watch waterproof function, you can be sure no one sparse hundred secret, vapor in the air is everywhere. And even ordinary diving watch, but also refers to the water capacity at normal temperature, no matter how many meters of indicated prevention are not available in hot water (> 40C °) is used. It really is easy to overlook the waiter describes a vulnerability, even he said that perhaps they themselves do not quite understand this. Such as wearing a watch to wash a hot bath, go to the sauna, this approach is completely wrong, because the watch is waterproof, water vapor can not represent.


30 m: everyday life waterproof, waterproof splash. You can wear Wash hands and face.

50 m: everyday life waterproof strengthen resistance, you can use a small amount of cold water to wash, can not be immersed in water.

100 m: snorkeling standard available in the pool or sea surface.

200 meters above: diving watch, you can wear depth underwater breathing apparatus use (according to the diving depth to choose to wear watches waterproof standard).

Myth four: About New

Most people buy things that they will focus on the question, rolex de imitacion “What is this year’s new do?.” Everyone seems to like the new stuff, not too long you want listed products, because it will lead to high frequency of purchase and can be worn more people. Usually go to the store to buy a watch, the clerk will collectively say, these are new this year.

Watch brand

Like Lange, Piaget, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Luo Jiedu He these brand new products on display at the Geneva Watch Fair, and the time to the mainland are mostly in the second half. So watch shop in the first half, see table usually last year’s models. More another part of the brand, such as Mido, Tissot, radar, Longines, Omega, Rolex, TAG Heuer, etc. These tables show in Basel brands, most of which are new or the end of the second year will begin selling in the mainland. So, in the face everywhere gem table, the clerk may have time for you to answer, but your heart must have the job spectrum.

Of course, all brands are not necessarily so, some of the new emerging form of domestic, klockor aaa kopia foreign brands in the middle may also launch new products, just to remind buyers attention Bale. However, watch this kind of thing, and not necessarily limited, the new is good, a lot of classic style has long been respected, there is still liked by people. Because the Chinese people to pursue a degree of recognition and identity, understanding which form more people, naturally belongs know its status.

(These are just some auto shop problems does not have universal directivity. The brand is still a lot of the services are very courteous and professional.)

Summary: watch, after all, is not a cheap item, the price of a good table is very replicas relojes tag heuer expensive at the beginning of the order form to pay more advice, indeed a way most people do not know the table. However, when the waiter watch shop, serves as a bridge of communication between the consumer and the brand of watch, their answers, conclusions or recommendations are, it becomes particularly important. A qualified staff, should give consumers the most comprehensive, most in need of answers, even if consumers do not consult to the place, should have the right to know the pros and cons of this product.

Attachment Cartier winter warm send blessings

Stimulated the end of the year, it is time Swiss Replica Watches UK to clear the year shopping list, for themselves and for loved ones, brought more surprises and blessings. Another Christmas comes, Cartier Zhen election of carrying colorful make unannounced: timeless watch, gleaming jewelry and colorful and diverse accessories, to provide you with more exciting choices. Has been adhering to the “never-ending (Never Stop)” spirit, the achievements of the Cartier Tank watches elegance and legend. 2013 For Tank, it was a lush year, Tank has added several members of the family: to show masculinity Tank MC watches, and sparkling women tenderness Tank Anglaise watch.

This year launched a new Cartier 2016 Best Rolex Replica Watches Tank MC series watch, reinterpreted Tank highly recognizable rectangular shape. Classic-minute track and Roman numerals classical tradition, calendar and small seconds make the passage of time at a glance. It is also equipped with Cartier’s first self-movement workshop -1904 MC self-winding mechanical movement, perfect fit for mature men for the excellent quality of life pursuit. The Tank Anglaise watch since the beginning of the birth, then its integration simple shape captured the hearts and minds of countless women. This year’s launch of the new design, bright light lotus red alligator strap show women delicate and elegant, to bring a touch of winter, a different kind of energy.

Loyal messenger of love, Cartier LOVE series since its birth in the 1970s, has been regarded as lovers of love festival passes choice. Screw the classic pattern, simple lines design, love and commitment to closely within two and a half round rings. Today, cartier replica integrated into more detail with elements of classic LOVE series, you will love sublimation. K rose gold models diamond bracelet decorated with bright, bright colors exudes extraordinary temperament. Furthermore, LOVE bicyclic bracelet symbolizes the double happiness (603,008, stock it) is a good sign, showing perfect romantic rose K gold and pure white K gold intertwined, precious diamonds in the release of light, the great loyal love to tell the truth. Christmas is also a rare opportunity to create a romantic surprise, why do not touch the stars stay together for the future of branded imprint? Cartier diamond engagement ring will Destinée all dream turned into reality, the achievements of the beautiful love. Chuihua trim develop their craft beautifully paved, and after a fine cut, dazzling diamonds of various sizes, such as a reflective mirror the general love fire ignited. Four-prong settings configuration so dazzling diamonds increasingly bare bottom surface reflects light taken therein.

Like Cartier watches, jewelry, Cartier replica watches uk outlet various accessories as unique as exquisite, simple and prowess. The new Cartier Marcello mini shoulder bag retains the classic hollow fan corners and metal stud fastener, and a more simple lines release a fresh and natural temperament Institute for fashionable women in Christmas winter brighten. In Italian, Marcello means mature gentle, intimate with you long life with a good man, in the purchase of a jewelry at the same time, it is his own account or for her most intimate sent a sweet blessing.

Cartier replica watches re-launched two series

In 1912, Cartier Replica Watches China mystery clock was born first, by the media screamed “watch a miracle in the history.” Its pointer as if in suspended between the transparent crystal bell rotation, not the slightest connection with the movement, it is ‘wow’. In this year’s SIHH Watch Fair, Cartier watches re-launched two series, writing the legend. From mystery to fantasy mysterious: when appearance is no longer arrested in a grid, implying a subtle delicate time; when Rotonde watch tourbillon escapement like a weightless body transparent like suspended above the dial, is depicted time mysterious and elusive. Misty mysterious ethereal Rotonde de 2016 Best Cartier Replica Watches, suspended in the air with its psychedelic visual pointer, so all the audience breathless. Extreme simple design, tend to make people forget their mysterious magical time display mode, in fact, comes from the extraordinary precision of complicated watches structure. To the creation of a secret watch, Cartier watch workshops watchmakers must try their best to overcome the inherent limitations of all, with the movement of the pointer does not detect a connection to perfection trace. In order to reduce friction between the sapphire crystal disc, watchmakers decided to make it around the thin shaft, gear and operation of similar, but not mysterious bell commonly employed in a conventional manner through the guide slot operation.

This new structure combining ideas and hand wheel, to avoid friction and reduce the movement of energy consumption. When the friction is reduced to a minimum level, you need to optimize the total weight of the inertia of 0.56 g of large-size sapphire crystal disc via a gear means deep reactive ion etching made. This advanced technology can use to build a three-dimensional way to make metal parts, thus creating a high degree of fit with sapphire crystal disc integrated gear, so that the assembly of geometric accuracy micron. To maximize simplify different parts of the final assembly process, Cartier uses a modular approach, the movement will be divided into two separate parts: the movement operation part, crescent occupy space on the main plate; independent display module occupy was deliberately left out of the circular space. The whole disc by the four sapphire crystal antiglare treatment after construction, in a laminar flow environment is individually fitted to avoid any dust. When the watch is finally assembled, the pointer will be as enchanted as suspended in the air. Movement by 58% for the diameter of sapphire crystal disc, Cartier break through the limitations mysterious display legibility will be upgraded to a new height.

As a result of sapphire crystal disc, mysterious replica Cartier watches display count is generally considered vulnerable than traditional complex movement. 9981 MC-type movement of innovative design to make it perfectly through a series of rigorous testing and trial, including 500 consecutive withstand impact and drops from one meter to the ground. While dazzling transparent movement of high stability and accuracy, balance wheel vibration frequency of 4 Hz, and is equipped with 48 hours power reserve.

Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph

Located in Rolex Daytona Replica, Florida, USA City Daytona International Motor Speedway is one of the world’s most famous race track in this competition held include Rolex 24 at Daytona Rolex Sports Car Series, NASCAR’s Daytona 500 motorcycle race and the United States vehicle Association sponsored the race. Today’s track started in 1957, two years after the Daytona 500 car race held here. Since 1959, it began with the Rolex Daytona International rolex replica Speedway cooperation, in 1963 launched a new Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Dayrona Chronograph more as the track name, opened the two complement each other half a century of high-speed precision legend. Half a century, Rolex Daytona Chronograph with outstanding performance and reliable, the fervent pursuit of speed and passion for motorsport, and laid a brilliant achievement for the racing world, but among the classic watch, the worldwide fame and equipment favored classic timepiece.

Rolex in 1937 launched its chronograph series, uses a Valjoux movement, but between then and the next few decades, did not attract much attention, sales performance is only mediocre only. In 1963, Rolex chronograph its major facelift and renamed Cosmograph Oyster Chronograph universe type, the biggest difference is its appearance on its speed meter directly engraved on the bezel (bezel) outermost periphery, rather than in the replica breitling navitimer watches traditional dial on. Since Cosmograph collection of various properties of modern professional sports watches, including Oyster waterproof design, one piece chronograph mechanical movement, Oyster folding clasp strap, and can instantly know the average lap speed bezel design, it was quickly popular among racing drivers. There is a legend, and therefore the Rolex Florida resort Daytona Beach racing Name this table Cosmograph Daytona; another one said Daytnoa origin of the name is derived from another piece of the story: When assembling the Cosmograph Rolex Oyster Chronograph universe type, the positive Daytona USA racing events coincides with the opening of the Rolex Cosmograph chronograph competition do choose to send the General Assembly designated timing equipment, was elected in one fell swoop, the defendant manufacturers Rolex Daytona watch this series is named.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona early models have a special color of best quality replica watches the dial is now called the Exotic dial: white dial with black background small three-pin bezel, or black dial with white small three-pin bezel, bezel and small three-pin within the scale is labeled with a square mark. Unlike other characteristics of modern Oyster PerpetualCosmograph Daytona successor watch further comprises: the movement of hand winding, The case is atypical Oyster stainless steel, a non-rotating timing button lock, the crown nor the subsequent watches Triplock crown. Daytona with these characteristics that is particularly later nicknamed Paul Newman watches, worth and value of the collection are far different from the follow-up to watch other styles.

Elegant and refined tasting latest Rolex watch Cellini

Speaking of Rolex, we first think of is Swiss Replica Watches UK probably the vulgar, gold, solid, precise, how would not think of the word elegance. Rolex how might and grace about? We should not have the impression that big belly round the waist plate-inch head, gold rings, covered with thick gold necklace hanging man and then with the gold Rolex watch it? This image also believe that we understand the Rolex original image. Especially Rolex unique large crown logo itself there is a domineering bully momentum, more laid this image.

Although Rolex has a full range of literary Cellini series, but still did not change everyone Rolex watch image change. However, the Basel Watch Fair in 2014 Rolex Cellini’s latest series of three dress watches, suddenly played a subversive role in the original Rolex Daytona Replica watches can be so elegant. Cellini Rolex presents the new series to highlight the contemporary spirit of the traditional classical style and timeless timepiece elegance. The new series consists of 12 classic watches, each section are set expertise and sophisticated technology in one, full of Rolex watchmaking tradition at Meaningful. With simple and rolex replica elegant lines, noble and magnificent materials, and refined luxury modified, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking. However, this new series of watches is not confined to the good old design. That is highly respected in the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired Holy See named Rolex Cellini series, on the one hand to return to classical roots on the other hand with modern techniques to re-interpretation of the essence of them, perfect harmonious. These bears watch Rolex watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary monumental building, its layout and the proportion of clean lines, modern and clever with space and light. New Cellini watch away from the traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian, it is a symbol of luxury style, truly reflects the art of living (art de vivre) of extraordinary value.

Cellini series is highly respected in the Italian Renaissance Top Swiss Replica Watches Uk for sale by artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired Vatican named a series, on the one hand back to classical roots on the other hand with modern repliche panerai orologi techniques to re-interpretation of the essence of them perfect harmony. These bears watch Rolex watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary monumental building, its layout and the proportion of clean lines, modern and clever with space and light. New Cellini watch away from the traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian, it is a symbol of luxury style, truly reflects the art of living (art de vivre) of extraordinary value.

Rolex gains in Golden Balance 2014 awards

It is reported that February 27, 2014, known as the altar table event’s “Golden Balance 2014″ officially kicked off. Since the beginning of 1998, to German readers of Uhren-Magazin mainly watch magazine invited other media table fans, watch the world’s best by Rolex Datejust Replica voting together, and grant award gold balance wheel. 2005, current affairs journal “Focus” and UHREN MAGAZIN jointly organized the selection. In this year’s Golden Balance 2014 poll, senior Rolex watches from Germany gains two important awards at the highest level “of 25,000 euros more than watch,” constituency. The brand has won the honor of these two watches are the 2013 launch of the 1815 UP DOWN calendar rattrapante and 1815 UPDOWN chronograph watch.

Two honors won by these two watches by Rolex CEO Wilhelm Schmid at the dinner held within the Munich BMW Museum in Munich in receiving these two awards. Gains so weighty awards for Rolex is not accidental, it is 1815 UP DOWN calendar rattrapante chronograph Rolex Day Date Replica is concerned, it is perfectly self-developed eighth gold Rolex chronograph movement. At first glance, the dial layout orderly, but rather a combination of many complex apparatus table watches, including chronographs chronograph, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and power reserve display. Meanwhile Arabic numerals, railway buy replica rolex watches online track minute scale, gold and blue steel hands, and were four small circular dial quatrefoil layout, are the 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR design features. 1815 series of classic design fully reflects the large Rolex Daytona Replica watch traditional roots. 41.9 mm diameter platinum or rose gold case 950, more fully develop their unique personality of this watch masterpiece, charming attention. German watches Publications UHREN MAGAZIN and news magazine FOCUS readers, as well as the participation of Focus-Online user poll awards since 1998. In the two rounds of voting, more than 25,000 participants from 426 models selected favorite watch mechanical watch. Rolex watch has been obtained 14 championships and 23 joined the top three awards.

Attractive design Omega Constellation watch series PLUMA light feather

2014 Basel International Jewellery and Omega Seamaster Replica Watch show has opened in front of the watch house mission staff has also been reported to work, they will bring you the latest 2014 Basel International Watch Fair fastest and most comprehensive coverage. All along, Omega Constellation watches with elegant, subtle and tactful design known. The new Omega Constellation watch Pluma feather light integration of industry-leading mechanical movement with sophisticated design style, become another star in the Constellation family. “Pluma” The word is Latin, meaning “feather”, skillfully explains the dial unique exquisite designs.

Elegant mother of pearl dial is eye-catching one in this 27 mm watch design highlights, natural white, warm gold, champagne and elegant blue and four colors to choose from. Where elegant blue mother of pearl by the bottom surface covered with a black coating. Soft curves from the bezel iconic “claws” stretch out, spread to the entire dial, reminiscent of the feathers peculiar soft lines. 11 diamond hour markers embedded in the arch above the 18K gold best omega replica watches uk brackets, bloom bright colors, so charming dial more shine. Pluma feather light Constellation watch central hour, minute and second hands are 18K gold to create, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, and luxury dial each other. Calendar window at 3 o’clock.

White and gold mother of pearl dial and luxury 18K red breitling replica watches gold bezel set with diamonds complement each other, to show the beauty of breathtaking elegance. This watch is equipped with two stainless steel case and bracelet in 18K red gold chain pin between chain replica omega watches links are connected. Blue mother of pearl dial with diamond bezel watches, with sleek stainless steel case and bracelet of the same material. Champagne dial with 18K gold diamond watch the bezel, with stainless steel case and steel bracelet with 18K gold chain links. In this extraordinary location in the heart of the mechanical watch, Omega revolutionary Co-Axial caliber 8520 stable operation. This outstanding performance movement, Omega watches provided to this end a four-year service warranty. Omega Constellation watch series Pluma feather light waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet / 10 atm).

Blancpain presented in Las Vegas will be the “heart of the ocean” theme exhibition

As part of the protection and conservation of marine resources on Earth commitments, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Blancpain will be the first showing “heart sea” theme of the exhibition in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Forum Shops. Visitors can take the copy omega replica watches opportunity to visit to explore and discover the vast underwater world, learn effective and far-reaching results Blancpain long-term sponsorship support environmental organizations achieved. The main recipients of the project include the National Geographic Society ‘original plan Exploration of the Sea “project and Lauren Baliesita (Laurent Ballesta) of” coelacanth expedition research project. ” To date, Blancpain has supported and sponsored by more than ten times expedition adventure “original plan Exploration of the Sea” project, and contributed to the government more than three million square kilometers of sea area into conservation, its total area is almost equivalent to the entire Mediterranean size.
“Heart Sea” special exhibition (previously in mainland China, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and Moscow docked) invites visitors into the exhibition hall designed to mimic the shape of the door Fifty Fathoms bezel, proximity to history, expedition , adventure and cultural arts four galleries, from different sides understand Blancpain “heart ocean” firm commitment. History exhibition exhibit shows the birth process Fifty Fathoms series, and diving pioneers and explorers exploration achievements in the field of seabed; science and technology and environmental protection exhibition shows the National Geographic Society “Original Exploration of the Sea replica watches Program” and Lauren · Baliesita outcome of “the coelacanth expedition research project” made, including recording an exclusive film clips of these two projects. In addition, the exhibition also showcased brand sponsorship support of other environmental projects. Finally, the humanities and arts exhibition will display some of the world’s top underwater photographers startlingly ambitious. Blancpain “heart of the sea” theme of the exhibition will be presented brand Caesars Palace Forum Shops in Las Vegas, boutiques, open to the public, beginning and ending time 2016 January 26 to February 8.