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In Ruishilaxia Xiade Fang Jurassic valley, between the blue sky green trees pasture river, not far away lies the Cartier Replica Watches UK workshops and master craft workshops. Against the background scenery, centuries of watchmaking technology and watch decorative craft where tradition, innovation and sharing. This is one of the largest fully integrated watch workshop Switzerland - Cartier watch workshops. This brought together experts from 37 countries, more than 1,000 top-watchmaker people Workshops integration of the world's most cutting-edge watchmaking technology and crafts, but also can be called a Cartier heart of Haute Horlogerie.

In the Cartier watch workshops, the watchmakers have an orderly movement of each design, drawing, production, modification, assembly and testing, each one carefully polished parts, precision assembl. for Cartier for Each one movement, including parts, are exquisite and elegant double scale technology to one consideration, only through such exacting standards of the watch, to both the vitality and elegant character. Cartier watch workshops watchmakers not only high watchmaking has always been the attitude of excellence, at the same time, complicated watches for advanced research and exploration is also a way, every year there are stunning four senior complicated watches come out. Held on September 30 to October 3 at the Hong Kong Asian Haute Horlogerie event "watch and miracle" exhibition, modeling watchmaker Cartier even zoom trick, the following Haute Horlogerie works full debut.

The 2015 Geneva Salon Haute Horlogerie jewelry, Cartier launched called "the most complex in the history of Cartier watch," the ROTONDE DE CARTIER level complex features watch. While this watch is equipped with 9406 MC-type self-winding movement, the 578 parts, after five years of research and development, production workshops 15 weeks, 10 weeks modification crafted, assembled five weeks, with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, 12 floating tourbillon position is even more beautiful. This watch is a symbol of Cartier watchmaking two advanced model de replica cartier watches is the perfect combination of movement and mystery. Suspended two pointers on the dial, as if there is no connection, showing the mysterious appearance is breathtaking. Similarly Cartier watchmakers new masterpiece, but also representatives of Cartier latest Cle de Cartier Series models advanced complex functions, the new shell-shaped, with a 9452 MC-type movement, the entire case paved with diamonds, whether it is design or function, are very enjoyable. Because Cartier, cheetah this image, that a woman has already surpassed its own meaning, its clever, mysterious, sexy, elegant, hard chase, the unthinkable ...... Cartier craft workshops maestro again with exquisite craftsmanship The Cartier iconic image applied to the senior watch cheetah, and given the senior watch different fresh vitality. On the "watch and miracle" exhibition, the same master image can glimpse cheetah craft works hosting the Games.

This gift box designed for advanced watchmaking collections Shangjian home building, the world's five sets of limited edition and comes with a separate number. All three timepieces Pierre was awarded the prestigious, a collection of antique mahogany in the black boxes, highlighting the aesthetic concept prowess. Only Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Objects running tourbillon skeleton watch is also stunning as Cartier watchmakers, the new Astrotourbillon Objects running tourbillon completely exposed, not connected with any other mechanical parts, overall look and feel ethereal, exquisite, spectacular. Cartier cheetah watch dial decorated as a different time and space fantasy landscape, three wearing lacquer painted spotted cheetah stands on a paved diamond dial, different state body, observing the sunrise moonset time turnover . Day and night, sun and moon on the dial display appear alternately by the internal 9916 MC mechanical movement with automatic winding drive.

Perhaps, many senior watchmaking brand has embodied the strength of advanced watchmaking workshop itself, however, to have separate clocks decorative arts workshops are extremely rare. The master craft workshops Cartier is dedicated to Cartier watchmaking art exists, visible, Cartier for advanced technical and aesthetic artistic clocks have the same persistent pursuit. Master craft workshops Cartier and Cartier watches workshop only a few steps apart, set in a dating back to the 18th century style farm of Bern, where a collection of watchmaking's most precious and rare ancient craft and creative arts. Over time, the ancient crafts gradually disappeared. Cartier master craft workshops duty-bound to take up the task of protection of traditional crafts, sharing and innovation, and establish a Cartier Replica UK traditional crafts collection center. At the same time, through open communication platform, Cartier master craft workshops to share and exchange of traditional and innovative technology, spare no effort to explore new space for imagination and new Art Deco watch. Whether gem mosaic, mother of pearl carving, floral fretwork mosaics, or from the age-old craft tradition of innovation out of metal beads, gold inlay process ...... more Rarity process in time aesthetics Cartier shining. Filigree craft, Cartier master craftsman Following the 2013 recycling metal bead craft in the old craft tradition and innovation in another breakthrough, the same age-old craft of gorgeous heritage, is also a goldsmith craft of filigree craft by kneading and fixed gold and silver, to create a new image of hollow transparent cheetah. The same body as the leopard spots painted lacquer, inlaid eyes of emerald. Internal configuration 430 MC type manual winding mechanical movement.