This is the highly anticipated interpretation of Tissot Women moment

In the development of more than a century, Tissot has always believed and praise the contribution of women to the era. Confident, independent, humble, beautiful women whom shining spirit, Tissot also been advocated by the attitude of the modern woman. Its new global ambassador for the brand new proposition Liu Yifei “THIS IS YOUR TIME this is your moment,” the perfect interpretation, is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of these. It is replica breitling bentley watches worth mentioning that Liu Yifei in the new image of the watch worn – Du Luer series, also is a modern interpretation of urban women self-confidence and independence side. Tissot and women love can be traced back hundreds of years to 1878, a time in each of the crevices, which to a gold-based innovations when traditional meter left deeply imprinted, like scattered in the history of women and the women’s movement style of development path The collections of gems, accompanied by legendary life of every woman.

From the “Noble Family” officially entered the entertainment Liu Yifei, in the past decade created many classic image from the “Dragon” in the “god sister” to the “Paladin” in Zhao, many classic Roles have become a fan of the eyes of the goddess example, she replica watches hot sale self-improvement among the constant challenges, the pursuit of excellence. And has been adhering to the “innovation, from the traditional” spirit of the brand Tissot, it is consistent to apply the spirit of innovation inherent female watch design, production, transfer a “bright scenery, pioneering and innovative” Modern female spirit. Along the way, Liu Yifei to “self-confident, independent, humble, beautiful,” the state of practical take every step, which has always advocated and Tissot coincides with the spirit of modern women.

Tissot “THIS IS YOUR TIME this is your moment,” a new advertising image film by internationally renowned photographer Peggy Sirota Zhang Jing. Shooting scene, Liu Yifei dressed in simple white shirt, black suit jacket capable, with a series of diamond best quality replica watches section Tissot Du Luer white belt female form, sharp lines and soft appearance, combined with the eternal echoes between black and white, to the US interpretation of the modern urban women Simple capable image. Tissot new proposition “THIS IS YOUR TIME this is your moment,” which is a slogan, but also an attitude, inspire people to be proactive, fearless challenge, calling people the courage to open a new chapter in life. Behind the visual design is the story revolves around the wrist or the brand ambassador unfold, revealing each one Tissot unparalleled extraordinary personality.

Cohesion Swiss watchmaking classic, this new advertising image Liu Yifei interpretation of the Tissot – Du Luer series, also significance. The name is derived from the Tissot watch brand birthplace where the streets – Du Luer Street, retro elegant but unique style best omega replica watches uk of modern women. Arched sapphire crystal glass table mirror with anti-glare coating to the craftsmanship and attention to detail help the wearer more accurate, clearly read the time, always highlighting Tissot on details of the intentions and taste, so people can not refuse. Elegant dial Roman numerals and the inner bezel ring echoes scale, sophisticated Paris stud pattern to extraordinary love engraved, elegant Roman scale let time prove deep love. BiaoShen rounded lines and smooth, with a rich golden brown with Haobai net Ya, filling romantic tenderness.

Omega Seamaster Watch released a new glory

Omega has long been the enthusiastic support of Emirates Team New Zealand sailors outstanding. To celebrate the close cooperation between Omega and notorious sailing team, Omega Seamaster glory unveiled a new “Emirates Team New Zealand” 300 meter Diving. Black unidirectional new Omega Seamaster “Emirates Team New Zealand” 300 meter Diving rotating ceramic bezel marked with polishing diving scale, significant value to laser etching. Dot on the diving bezel cover 12 o’clock with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which emits green light in the dark.

After five titanium coating sandblasted dial with best omega replica watches uk white Super-LumiNova luminous coating that emits blue light. Silver chronograph seconds scale the outer edge of the dial, inner ring of minute scale matte titanium metal. There are three small dial chronograph dial. Small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, 12 hours chronograph dial at 6 o’clock position, and 30 minutes chronograph dial at 3 o’clock position, where the same time a regatta countdown scale five minutes. 44 mm 5 titanium case frosted, and a button at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions, respectively, in red and black matte aluminum ring ceramic ring to highlight. To be precise, all timing functions related components are in red. Watch also 10:00 position with a helium escape valve, while both the date of adjustment.

The new Seamaster “Emirates Team New Zealand” 300 m dive watch is equipped with folding buckle black rubber strap. Front strap is black and decorated with fine ribbed, strap on the back is red, thus echoing the New Zealand sailing team sails Chiefs colors. This replica omega watches design ensures that the water and air in between the strap and the smooth flow of the skin to keep skin comfortable. Screw-frosted float table back engraved with Emirates Team New Zealand team logo, chic design make this watch the sailing world to establish close links, highlighting the remarkable support for Omega sailing team. 3330 self-winding watch with coaxial movement, using Si14 silicon material gossamer and vertical wheel timing technology.

Omega cooperation with Emirates Team New Zealand’s proud of, as early as 1995, Sir Peter Blake (Sir Peter Blake) led Emirates Team New Zealand America’s Cup, the two sides started cooperation. Emirates Team New Zealand in the year atop the game easily, omega replica watches and won again in 2000. Sir Peter in this tournament after ending occupation sailing career, but Omega has been one of the main sponsors, to continue to provide support for his Blake Expedition (Blakexpeditions) project until 2001, he unfortunately died young. Since then, Omega continued to support Emirates Team New Zealand, and look at the challenges of 2017 America’s Cup and America’s Cup series in the cheering for them.

Breitling Watch Beijing Yintai in88 shop opening shock

December 20, 2015, known as “the world’s aviation industry official supplier” of the famous Swiss watch brand Breitling Replica UK Watches in88 officially arrived in Beijing Yintai Department Store. Breitling store as a second outlets in Beijing, is a brand new resident of the territory, which is located in set fashion tastes and trends in88 art in one of Intime Department Store, next to many of the world’s top brands, highlighting the Breitling as “Modern Chronograph pioneer” extraordinary vision and unique brand personality. Walk mall entrance you can see the Breitling iconic yellow brand LOGO, conspicuous and atmosphere. Interior design shop Breitling has consistently uphold the fine modern style, bright glass showcase deeply embedded within natural Quadrillo handmade wooden walls, and Breitling classic yellow elements together to create a passionate, yet elegant and refined shopping atmosphere. The time is Christmas, the shop is more refined and decorated with rich holiday dress flight characteristics. Store in pieces precise works Smart light shine, showing an inheritance and innovation of blending time promenade. In future, more new products will also be introduced Breitling landing, to bring customers more choices.

As technical experts watch, Breitling, with its accurate and reliable, superior quality of precision instruments, in the long journey of the human conquest of the sky, and witnessed countless brilliant moments. On the opening day, Breitling classic flight track more extended to the bustling Wangfujing Street, a 1: 1 ratio to create original Breitling Jets strong landing model, the unique culture and over 130 years of flight-old Swiss watchmaking skills to Beijing Wangfujing full of human feelings. Jets model with a strong visual impact immediately attracted a lot of attention, allowing site visitors to feel close Rolex Replica Watches UK For Sale extraordinary fortitude unique, magnificent. In addition, the shop is also filled with a strong culture of flight. Hanging on the walls of New York’s famous pop artist Kevin T. Kelly flight theme paintings, with their strong colors, bold style, exaggerated composition, the perfect interpretation of the Breitling has always been bold and exquisite modern style. Welcome to the Breitling world!

Geneva, Switzerland, in December 2015 – has a “King of Diamonds” in the world of fine jewelry and watch brand Harry Winston Opus ingenuity legend activity in October, held in Baden-Baden, officially announced the appointment of American singer, composer people and record producer Robin • Sigg (Robin Thicke) as the brand ambassador for watch series. • the identity of Robin Sigg will ambassador Harry Winston watch series full support brand, and participate in a series of related media and promotional activities.

Harry Winston Global CEO Nora • Hayek (Nayla Hayek), said: “We are Fake Watches UK honored to invite Robin • Sigg served as ambassador brand watch series as an outstanding recording artist, Robin. Adhering to convey emotional voice talent immense talent and passion for music, to create transcend genres and generations, durable spread works, and actively involved in social responsibility programs with music as the main, perfectly fit the Harry Winston has been investment in philanthropy, but also reveals the creativity and innovative spirit behind the design of its watches. “” Harry Winston to grow in Los Angeles, by the influence of the entertainment industry, the brand has been synonymous with the Red Carpet. Hai Winston has amazing historical heritage, outstanding reputation extraordinary creative works, as well as support for helpful social development charity, so I have deep admiration. can watch the series become a brand ambassador, I am deeply honored .

Watch Patravi Replica UK TRAVELTEC three time Chronograph

Patravi TravelTec series with three time display, precise timing functions as well as the perfect fusion of luxurious materials, has long been a masterpiece Bucherer chronograph. At the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Bucherer will be released a new TravelTec watches, watches with new type cool matte black appearance, powerful diamond-like carbon coating incarnation case design makes it highly personalized wrist meter, a memorable. Patravi Replica Watches UK Cheap Sale TravelTec three time Chronograph wear comfortable, functional and practical, clear when reading, but also has a sophisticated structure, is busy traveler companion wrist timepieces. Bucherer Basel Watch Fair 2016 released a new TravelTec watches, stainless steel case and bracelet after its diamond-like carbon coating (diamond-like-carbon) treated black grim shape refreshing.

Diamond-like carbon coating step is made by a plurality of sophisticated, high hardness carbon, durable and lightweight characteristics of its head; diamond-like carbon coating, although very thin, but its carbon and diamond crystal structure similar, case After adding diamond-like carbon coating, anti-wear and shock performance is greatly improved; case and bracelet by diamond-like carbon coating, deep matte black appearance breathtaking personality, coupled with a black dial, light timers, when standard and scale, layout structured, design aspire.

Case and movement cleverly integrated Patravi TravelTec three chronograph time, plus can simultaneously display the time in three time zones, nature is preferred guests watch out. This new model assembly Bucherer CFB 1901.1 developed its own automatic movement, more access to the Swiss official Observatory certification; dial can display the local time and second time zone, and the third time zone is 24 hours through the red pointer and rotating inner bezel display; Patravi TravelTec three time chronograph function set provides easy operation: Whether east or west Shuttle different time zones, you can easily set the time zone for the third time through a single button Bucherer patented technology.

December 17, 2015, on New Year’s at the end of the ancient capital of Nanking drew another magnificent moment, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot new advertising image worldwide for the first time the opening ceremony, held in Nanjing Central Emporium. Tissot Global Ambassador Liu Yifei invited to attend, along with many honored guests witnessed the Tissot brand new proposition “THIS IS YOUR TIME this is your moment” Bearing in mind that the people of another time. Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium shop in festive costumes are also on the same day the grand opening, Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium store holiday Replica Rolex under new clothes, on top of the simple and elegant classic style festival promises to bring the promise of glamor. In over 162 years of history, the Tissot never stopped exquisite sense of design and rich women watches interpretation of women independent and confident spirit of the times, Liu Yifei interpretation of the new advertising image would Tissot spirit advocated by the perfect present moment, She belongs to a new interpretation of the moment.

Cheerful historical charm of the ancient capital of Nanking, under the festival added a dash against the background Smart. Just as a long tradition of Tissot, add it to the Global Ambassador Liu Yifei portrait to help out, let Tissot’s highly anticipated new brand image. Day, Tissot Miss Wang Ying, vice president of China, and arrived guests shared a Tissot brand new ideas “this is your moment (THIS IS YOUR TIME)”, and to “challenge” as an opportunity to explain his life journey extraordinary moment, while defying challenges reveal Tissot innovation, commitment to provide the wearer when precision timepieces to attain the quality and spirit of the brand. Miss Wang Ying, vice president of China, Tissot, said: “This is a crucial moment – entered, that no retreat at all; met face is really me; view, both fearless challenge; this moment, right now This is your moment. interpretation of the Tissot has been the same since the founding of the pioneering spirit and tradition of innovation. continue to meet new challenges, Tissot is the new brand slogan to convey and tell stories. It motivates people to be proactive , fearless challenge, calling people the courage to open a new chapter in life. Users need a trusted brand, as well as fit with their own brand of spiritual connotation, it can be a reliable performance, the tradition, also, or attractive design, charm attracted by this new brand proposition, Tissot expectations resonate with every user. ”

On Tissot Swiss Replica Watches new advertising image worldwide for the first time the opening ceremony, a large image of the hero, Miss Liu Yifei to site visitors about the brand new blockbusters experience, as well as their life in those high-profile glamor moment. Shooting a new image large day, Liu Yifei dressed in simple white trousers free and easy, with a series of diamond section Du Luer watch, an extraordinary femininity and vivid interpretation of the modern female independence and confident temperament, showing “beautiful, model , confidence, humility, “the spirit of the moment, to their own quality of inspiring more women to confidently shine. Liu Yifei own experience with the perfect interpretation of the Tissot has been the constant breakthroughs in innovation, fearless challenge to enjoy blooming spirit of the brand. In this “silver” loaded-wrapped, “red” meaning abundant warm festival, Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium store grand opening festival new clothes. The store is located in a prime commercial area of ​​Nanjing, the shop with red, white, and black-based colors, minimalist modern design and Tissot T + brand logo shining accordingly. Site elements highlighted in red Christmas atmosphere, warm and full of festive and peaceful; sections of watches in the soft, delicate light irradiation as well as against the background under a special showcase, is particularly brilliant. Every detail reflects the Tissot will combine traditional and modern charm, modern design with the traditional process echoes, and Tissot “innovation from tradition” brand philosophy perfect fit, to show everyone the Tissot hundred years to exquisite Swiss watchmaking, and excellence in watchmaking concept for consumers to bring a new store experience. Liu Yifei also in activities of the day come to shop, to bring its new advertising image blockbusters, and in-store interacted with the guests.

New Cheap Replica Watches Yuet Frederique Constant Ladies Classic Series

Tin Yuet Frederique New Cheap Replica Watches UK Constant launched a new series of elegant, delicate and elegant design, its soft lines and will comfortably fit perfectly in the young lady’s wrist fiber. Yiping new outpouring elegant beauty, also perfect match different accessories, like the exquisite and delicate timepiece for ladies.

Frederique Constant Ladies Tin Yuet Lai series at the same time touching your own design, also carries an extraordinary sense of charity. Since 2004, Frederique Constant has been the enthusiastic support of charitable activities related to the heart and caring for children, including the International Children’s Heart Federation (International Children’s Heart Federation), World Heart Federation Organization (World Heart Federation) and Global Gift Foundation, etc. . Frederique Constant sale of each one day Yuet Series Women Watch That donate $ 50 to the charity, so that every woman except get While this elegant wrist watch , but also at the same time change the lives of many people and bring them We hope, and this also gives wrist Pierre extraordinary significance.

Six new expensive Li charming watch

New women Tin Yuet series charm lies in its unique oval 28mm case, as well as showing exquisite detail of every detail.

Watch decorated in delicate, Roman numerals and elegant with classic Guilloché Microhyla elegantly presented in the central dial. Meanwhile, artificial inlaid diamonds and Roman numerals in the center of the dial Guilloché brushed against the Fake Watches UK Store background of a heart-shaped, elegant and full of femininity. Frederique Constant watchmakers to design highly favored women, creating a beautifully elegant new women Tin Yuet series, want to make every woman can also have their own temperament like like a ladies watch. The series has a stainless steel and two-tone (steel and package rose nugget) style, and with diamond bezel or simple monochrome bezel decorated in highlighting Tin Yuet series of classical beauty, it would also lead to its noble elegant charm.

The charming bracelet or watch is equipped with a sophisticated style belt, Ms. fully fit perfectly slender wrist. Touching female charm, coupled with the wrist in line with slim line design, thus creating a tasteful While moving the wrist Pierre. Each watch in the Rolex Replica Watches UK Swiss series are equipped with FC- 200 quartz movement , when equipped with sub function, with 42 months of battery life. Tin Yuet new series combines elegance and finesse Frederique Constant watch design, hoping to accompany every woman to live through moments every moment of life.

Model: FC-200M1ER36
Case: steel, diameter 28mm, curved sapphire glass, waterproof 30 m
Movement: FC-200 quartz movement, 5 stone, 42-month battery life
Dial: Silver dial with mother of pearl outer ring, guilloché Microhyla and Roman numerals, hands polished black pointer
Strap: blue belt
Functions: hours, minutes function

Model: FC-200M1ER32B
Case: stainless steel case with package rose gold bezel and crown, diameter 28mm, curved sapphire glass, waterproof 30 m
Movement: FC-200 quartz movement, 5 stone, 42-month battery life
Dial: Silver dial with mother of pearl outer ring, guilloché Microhyla and Roman numerals, hands polished black pointer
Strap: between stainless steel rose gold bracelet
Functions: hours, minutes function

Model: FC-200WHD1ER32 – FC-200WHD1ER32B
Case: stainless steel watch case with rose gold bezel package and crown, diameter 28mm, curved sapphire glass, waterproof 30 m
Movement: FC-200 quartz movement, 5 stone, 42-month battery life
Dial: silver dial, guilloché Microhyla, 8 diamonds and rose gold Roman numerals package, manpower polished package rose gold hands
Strap: between gray belt or stainless steel rose gold bracelet
Functions: hours, minutes function

Model: FC-200WHD1ERD32B
Case: stainless steel case with rose gold package diamond watch bezel and crown, diameter 28mm, curved sapphire glass, waterproof 30 m
Movement: FC-200 quartz movement, 5 stone, 42-month battery life
Dial: silver dial, guilloché Microhyla, 8 diamonds and rose gold Roman numerals package, manpower polished package rose gold hands
Strap: between stainless steel rose gold bracelet
Functions: hours, minutes function

Model: FC-200WHD1ER36B
Case: steel, diameter 28mm, curved sapphire glass, waterproof 30 m
Movement: FC-200 quartz movement, 5 stone, 42-month battery life
Dial: silver dial, guilloché Microhyla, 8 diamonds and Roman numerals, hands polished hands
Strap: stainless steel bracelet
Functions: hours, minutes function

Swiss Fair 2015 Chepa replica Watch the scene XII notable watches

SIHH and Baselworld exhibition is the Swiss rolex cheap replica watches uk industry’s two major annual event, in recent years, the development trend watches, creativity and technology was able to attract players of both eyes, just creative ideas just flow on stage or concept, if longer inject traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and technology, it is a classic unbeaten. This year, although limited to the impact on the overall environment, the brand is relatively low-key conservative but still have a go arena, especially in complex function watch is the focus of the most absorbing eye, so expect to lead the table fans, here let us You goes to the editorial department selected 12 models of attention masterpiece.

Rolex watch under the professional performance of the series, the first time in recent years before the 1992 launch of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master watch, not only reflects the close ties Rolex and sailing, and is the first case has three dimensions (29 35 or 40 mm) Oyster Professional watch. Today, the existing paragraph Yacht-Master still have 40 and 35 mm in two sizes, and are equipped with Rolex developed and manufactured by the Swiss Observatory certified eligible (COSC) for 3135 and 2236 self-winding mechanical movement, so quite suitable for men and women elected to purchase proforma purposes.

Rolex Yacht-Master this year’s launch of the new 18ct rose gold eternal black watch, although Oyster case appearance and inner core constant motivation to follow the precedent, but Rolex has started a quiet revolutionary and innovative initiative. The first is the case with 18 ct rose gold eternity production, male table still table diameter of 40 mm, equipped with a paramagnetic blue gossamer Parachrom 3135-type movement; the female form table will be changed to 37 mm diameter, and the movement 2236 2235 change with the type, with the 2014 launch of the Rolex homemade Syloxi new silicon balance spring. Both the springs are not subject to magnetic interference, even in the face temperature change remains extremely stable, the seismic force ten times more than conventional gossamer.

Followed by the two-way rotating bezel equipped with matte black foil finish Cerachrom ceramic ring stereoscopic digital word; finally worth letters of this watch is the first to feature a newly developed patented by Rolex Oysterflex strap, its subtlety lies the inner layer is super-elastic metal sheet, while the outer black rubber injection molding places high performance coated metal strap solid and reliable, flexible rubber strap, comfort and beauty rolled into one.

Yacht-Master new rotating outer ring 18ct rose gold eternal black watches fitted with the new black Cerachrom ceramic character circle, polished and bright stereoscopic digital scale is particularly distinctive character on matte circle, allowing the wearer to easily 2016 the replica watches uk sale read 60 minute timer record. New Oysterflex strap developed and patented by Rolex, this beautiful bracelet flexible and comfortable to wear, like a rubber strap, but its durability can be comparable to the metal strap. Strap connected by elastic nickel titanium alloy sheet to the case and Oyster insurance deduction. High performance black rubber-coated metal sheets will be durable apart, wear is very solid.

Yacht-Master Ref.116655,18ct eternal rose gold case, the table diameter 40 mm, bi-directional rotation 60 minutes with a matte black outer scale ceramic character circle Cerachrom, hours, minutes, seconds, date, Cal.3135 automatic winding machine core, paramagnetic blue Parachrom springs, power reserve 48 hours, waterproof 100 meters, the Swiss official Observatory certification, Oysterflex high performance synthetic rubber-coated metal sheet elastic strap, 18ct rose gold folding Oyster perpetual insurance deduction.

Continue to explore Haute Horlogerie defined HYT, following the first two generations of work H1 and H2, again using the density of different liquids as a time display mode extends the brand works the third paragraph. The basic concept of the new H3 reproduce linear passage of time: hour display bellows pumped through two straight at the ends of the transparent capillary liquid push to display the time, retrograde once every six hours; minutes indicating the transmission of the mechanical axis arm drive white “minute dots” on a sliding scale in a linear form indicating the time, once every hour retrograde.

H3 watch bits below replica rolex, omega, breitling watches displays the hours of a glass capillary as a control time scale, the scale is a rotary tube having four faces, each side showing six hours of the time scale, four face one day add up to exactly the 24 hours. When the time to finish the current six hours after the scale of the display, capillary liquid time display will retrograde back to square one, while hour markers tubes can also flip to the other side to show the scale of the next six hours. Wherein the kinetic energy of the configuration so that the movement can be performed simultaneously retrograde time indication, as well as instantaneous jump bar when standard scale, technology is the key to the H3.

In H3 movement, the fluid pressure within the capillary pump to be generated when the retrograde re-use, as the driving force to promote the hour scale tube flipped, saving the power output of the movement. Below-minute show is based on a cross-scale double-joint mechanical axis arm driven by a white dot, sliding on the minute scale, maintain a linear time display H3 unique style. Time adjustment is to the left of the case through the fast transfer tube according to the hour markers flip 1/4 turn, allowing time to six hours of interval jumps, then the user can then through the crown for hours and minute fine-tuning.

H3 watch, platinum and PVD titanium case, the table diameter 62 X 41 mm, liquid linear hour display, linear-minute instructions, H3 hand-winding movement, sapphire crystal, seven-day power reserve indicator on the back. Limited 25.