Table Shop prevent flicker debunked allow confusion to

Lead: shopping spend money, how much is to make a woman heart, how many men scratching their heads and let things, a man is said to be able to within half an hour it bought a pair of shoes, two shirts, three pairs of pants, do not try to even straightforward. However, buy a table is not as simple as buying clothes, not directly as table clothes, at a glance, visiting the watch shop is a laborious job. Many watch professional terms, the movement structure takes a long time to understand, learn, buy a watch for energy is a costly thing, from selection to purchase and then sale, is a very tangled process .

Misunderstanding one: on the power reserve

Some time ago a friend bought a piece of red Tissot ladies watch, 38 hours power replicas de relojes reserve, power reserve watch often feel inadequate, sometimes day did not bring, and went stopped, and reserve time is getting short.replicas relojes de lujo

ETA Movement

Power reserve display all the features of the watch is the most simple and practical one, perhaps a lot of attention from experts tourbillon, the three asked other complex functions, but for the average buyer, power reserve is also a very important one. Need to ensure the winding replicas relojes de lujo  run time, the longer the better to maintain the power reserve of travel time watch. For mechanical watches, including hand-winding and automatic winding, self-winding watches, automatic movement of the rotating disk utilization swing generates power to drive the winding, and the hand-winding mechanical watch is to rely on hand-powered . Generally, ETA movement watches about 40 hours power, that is 42 hours long, short words is 38 hours, of course, there are many long-powered watch, you can belong to more than three days is generally long power reserves, 7 days, 8 days, 14 days are also present.

More than just talking about a theoretical value, in many shop recommend their watch, they’d say, This table has 38 hours of super-long reserve. However, many friends of the table, when the day does not wear away stopped, clearly not enough 38 hours.

IWC seven chain

At this time staff were often ignored or deliberately concealed a small detail, the watch only when the power is completely released can achieve its desired reserve status, and often self-winding watch worn on the wrist, arm movement lack of power, then,Zwitserse Replica Horloges Goedkope, Nep Rolex Replica Horloges  the power will not be 100% release. Even for the manual winding movement each time on the full string, due to friction and wear of internal parts, power reserve watch will gradually reduce, not eternal.

Myth two: the movement of all production

Each is self-producing natural brands are eager to have the honor, no brand will not admit that he developed the movement, and even their own research and development of movement is not good, but in reality not every brand can do so. Now many brands have declared their watches with the self-produced movement, but often bought after ETA movement, to a certain degree of processing, it is called self-produced movement, and put their own brand model, but resulting in many consumers into a misunderstanding.

ETA Movement

Almost 85% of the market, are used in ETA movement (including a large number to Replica Watches UK – 2016 UK Replica Rolex Watches Limited Sale be modified based on ETA movement). ETA movements many models, but mainly ETA2824-2, ETA2892A2, ETA7750, ETA6497 four main, as well as other sections, semi-finished movement.

Parts under the lens

In addition to Patek Philippe, Rolex and Jaeger those few brands have full range of products with self-produced movement, the other mostly derived based on this movement, in which many of them well-known brands such as Tissot, plum, Mido (Mido), IWC (IWC), Breitling (Breitling), Chopin (Chopard), JUVENIA (Juvenia) and other brands of the watch production, you can see the shadow of ETA.

Self-produced movement

ETA movement but not necessarily bad, like self-produced movement, the movement later polished, decorated for the performance of the movement is also very important. Has a production capacity may be measured by a standard watch brands, but the self-produced movement replika klockor tag heuer is good or bad, or to analyze specific issues.

Misunderstanding number three: About Waterproof

One problem is everyone waterproof everyday easily overlooked, most people will buy the table asked the waiter, “This water table it?” The answer is basically “normal water is no problem, will not face any water to wash their hands . “so, what is” normal “? What is “not water”? This is not to bite the study text word for white table available, many people are unsure of this concept.

What Waterproof yes?

What Waterproof yes?

Although today’s watches are generally waterproof, 3ATM, 5ATM, 10ATM water rolex relojes baratas depth in the watch belong to a common product, but if the purchaser’s problems so far, waiters will this position, no more, say a word. In fact, this water, there are many potential risks.

Even with better watch waterproof function, you can be sure no one sparse hundred secret, vapor in the air is everywhere. And even ordinary diving watch, but also refers to the water capacity at normal temperature, no matter how many meters of indicated prevention are not available in hot water (> 40C °) is used. It really is easy to overlook the waiter describes a vulnerability, even he said that perhaps they themselves do not quite understand this. Such as wearing a watch to wash a hot bath, go to the sauna, this approach is completely wrong, because the watch is waterproof, water vapor can not represent.


30 m: everyday life waterproof, waterproof splash. You can wear Wash hands and face.

50 m: everyday life waterproof strengthen resistance, you can use a small amount of cold water to wash, can not be immersed in water.

100 m: snorkeling standard available in the pool or sea surface.

200 meters above: diving watch, you can wear depth underwater breathing apparatus use (according to the diving depth to choose to wear watches waterproof standard).

Myth four: About New

Most people buy things that they will focus on the question, rolex de imitacion “What is this year’s new do?.” Everyone seems to like the new stuff, not too long you want listed products, because it will lead to high frequency of purchase and can be worn more people. Usually go to the store to buy a watch, the clerk will collectively say, these are new this year.

Watch brand

Like Lange, Piaget, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Luo Jiedu He these brand new products on display at the Geneva Watch Fair, and the time to the mainland are mostly in the second half. So watch shop in the first half, see table usually last year’s models. More another part of the brand, such as Mido, Tissot, radar, Longines, Omega, Rolex, TAG Heuer, etc. These tables show in Basel brands, most of which are new or the end of the second year will begin selling in the mainland. So, in the face everywhere gem table, the clerk may have time for you to answer, but your heart must have the job spectrum.

Of course, all brands are not necessarily so, some of the new emerging form of domestic, klockor aaa kopia foreign brands in the middle may also launch new products, just to remind buyers attention Bale. However, watch this kind of thing, and not necessarily limited, the new is good, a lot of classic style has long been respected, there is still liked by people. Because the Chinese people to pursue a degree of recognition and identity, understanding which form more people, naturally belongs know its status.

(These are just some auto shop problems does not have universal directivity. The brand is still a lot of the services are very courteous and professional.)

Summary: watch, after all, is not a cheap item, the price of a good table is very replicas relojes tag heuer expensive at the beginning of the order form to pay more advice, indeed a way most people do not know the table. However, when the waiter watch shop, serves as a bridge of communication between the consumer and the brand of watch, their answers, conclusions or recommendations are, it becomes particularly important. A qualified staff, should give consumers the most comprehensive, most in need of answers, even if consumers do not consult to the place, should have the right to know the pros and cons of this product.

From a color summer dress watch start

Lead: For women who love fashion, watches in addition to the timing of the action, and it is still to implement the concept of collocation inside. In today’s style-oriented era, watch the same need to have some change in the style, we can get women of all ages. In addition to the functional complexity, watch design has also already started thinking about the possibility of color on the watch. Bright brilliant color watch, must be the best choice for this season, not only to meet the timing effect, but also can become a dress in the details of the highlights. Summer is approaching, in addition to give the bag outside the season, might also do some changes in the watch of choice. (Source: VOGUE Fashion Network)

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Emprise watch Reference Price: 23,300 CNY
Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Emprise watch Reference Price: 23,300 CNY

Denim Blue

Recommended reason: the fashion style into the watch design, and that this should be the woman most want to see styles. Denning is the spring and summer essential single product, the denim blue leather strap is designed to form a strong fashion statement,replicas relojes rolex also showing a refined and mature female charm.

Dior Dior La d de Dior watch collection Price: 33,500 CNY
Dior Dior La d de Dior watch collection Price: 33,500 CNY

Bright fluorescent yellow

Recommended reason: snowflake mosaic art decorative diamond dial, material, color and Swiss watchmaking fusion, bright leather strap, allowing the watch to become the most popular spring and summer style, also will be the perfect fusion of fashion elements and watch together.

NOMOS Nuomo Si TetraKleene watches Price: 24,600 CNY
NOMOS Nuomo Si TetraKleene watches Price: 24,600 CNY

Fresh powder blue

Recommended reason: the performance in color, not necessarily just in the strap. Dial can also exhibit a unique style of fashion colors. Square case with powder blue dial, framed as a macaroon-like fresh and charming, with clean lines of beauty and replicas relojes hublot color match to achieve the impact.

Hermès Hermes Cape CodSilver female form Price: 23,335 CNY
Hermès Hermes Cape CodSilver female form Price: 23,335 CNY

Vibrant orange

Recommended reason: the classic horseshoe elements used in the dial designs, with winding orange calfskin strap. Simple style, fashionable meet the premise, but also gives elegance.

TAG Heuer Tag Heuer FORMULA 1 Formula One series Ms. quartz watch Price: 22,850CNY
TAG Heuer Tag Heuer FORMULA 1 Formula One series Ms. quartz watch Price: 22,850CNY

Elegant Pink

Recommended reason: elegant pink strap into the trace of the men watch dial design, perfect to show firmness and flexibility of style. Bright colors, Samaranch also pretty female Mei cute side.

Ling Ni series Baume & Mercier watches vitality honey Price: 17,900 CNY
Ling Ni series Baume & Mercier watches vitality honey Price: 17,900 CNY

Stylish golden

Recommended reason: Gold does not have to shine, the same can also be subtle. The strap is a carefree summer warmth as honey-like praise. Artistic appearance, such as the golden sun kissed like texture, whether weekend casual style with elegance midnight Or, rolex falsi can natural distribution of women’s unique personality and charm.

Versace Versace Vanitas watch Reference Price: 13,001 CNY
Versace Versace Vanitas watch Reference Price: 13,001 CNY

Charming red wine

Recommended reason: the charming wine red color is not only a trend this year, it is also a woman has long been a favorite color. Mature and charming, when it with gold rivets as decoration, the exhibit will be unique fashion sense.

SalvatoreFerragamo Ferragamo Idillio watch Reference Price: 14,500 CNY
SalvatoreFerragamo Ferragamo Idillio watch Reference Price: 14,500 CNY

Elegant purple

Recommended reason: ocean purple leather material, with gray-blue mother of pearl dial tones complement each other, using a special technique presents scales embedded visual beauty, others watch adds a touch of elegance.

(Text: penny.yan)

Baselworld 2016

Lead: before the end of the 44th Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show (Baselworld 2016), the high-end brands from more than 1500 portrait participate together for the jewelry watch enthusiasts around the world, it brought a top gluttonous feast .

Compared to last year, smart watch initial debut this year, more and more bigreplika klockor tag heuer march “intelligent” has become a major highlight of the watch and jewelery exhibition. Perhaps by stimulating iWatch, many international top brands, the use of advanced technology to create complex advanced jewelry watches, but also with a technology demonstration of a new definition of watches and jewelry.

It is said that last year, TAG Heuer Tiger Reserve smart watch more than 100,000, which greatly stimulated the Swiss watch to enter the Smart Watch initiative. TAG Heuer Tag Heuer launched Connected Watch smart watches, while the beautiful, so better with the concept of intelligent user control of time while loading alarm. Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium launch smart watch concept, well-built intelligent “wrist treasury”; Breitling also introduced a smart watch Exospace B55, the watches, the dial on the LCD monitor, you can display more relevant phone information.

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium smart watch concept
Bulgari Diagono Magnesium smart watch concept
TAG Heuer Tag Heuer Connected Watch smartwatch
TAG Heuer Tag Heuer Connected Watch smartwatch
Breitling smart watch Exospace B55
Breitling smart watch Exospace B55

In addition to top brands, fashion Tide brand also integrated into the smart concept. guess, misfit, fossil, Movado and other fashion brands, will be smart with traditional jewelry and watches made binding, so that young consumers, the favorite products stylish appearance, but also have more humane Features. Especially by FOSSIL watch group after the acquisition bracelet company MISFIT, launched a series of new, even more stylish than the previous. The FOSSIL is threatened this year to launch 100 smart watches.rolex relojes baratas

misfit ray series
misfit ray series
Movado Potter watch Motion
Movado Potter watch Motion

This is a watch and jewelery. But compared to watches and jewelry evident in “intelligent” on a lot slower. Last year, it announced the launch of the smart bracelet GUCCI this year also disappeared. Reporters met in Basel last October launched its first smart fashion jewelry collection in Milan “bloom” of totwoo brand, for trends in this area, in the trade Wenxiu director, said: “Watch jewelry enterprises in terms of relative, in fact, more conservative. after all, the watch industry, when there had been the impact of electronic watch while jewelry for thousands of years has been very little innovation. but some companies have launched a new jewelry to keep color values ​​have enabled smart jewelry. Usually only a start-up company developed to a certain stage to reach to large jewelry business. ”

Reporters on the scene saw the totwoo intelligent fashion jewelry, really bright spots.rolex de imitacion

totwoo was co-founded by the well-known Chinese Internet people Wang Jieming and Italy “jewelry poet” Marco Dal Mas. First launched in late 2015 totwoo series “Bloom bloom.” The series completely subvert the visual appearance of the wearable device. It followed the classic Baroque style jewelry design different color flower shape, meaning “blooming heart each one has its own color.” “We Bloom Bloom” series of necklaces and bracelets with 925 silver gilt, based on the use of two materials: Swarovski Crystal series (a total of 5 colors), and natural gemstone mosaic series. In addition to having the pedometer and calorie consumption, sedentary reminder, klockor aaa kopiaultraviolet monitoring health care functions, it has also been given the emotional communication “minds” function. Let people care about each other, connected by totwoo intelligent jewelry, passing love password. In addition, the lighting jewelry with horoscope is equal to “lucky” related functions. In Wenxiu he said: “use technology to explain love and fortunately, most are totwoo and other differences can be worn on the function of the device also makes jewelry have an entirely different experience.”.

totwoo smart jewelry "Bloom bloom" Swarovski Bracelet
totwoo smart jewelry “Bloom bloom” Swarovski Bracelet
totwoo smart jewelry "Bloom Bloom" series Swarovski bracelets, pendants
totwoo smart jewelry “Bloom Bloom” series Swarovski bracelets, pendants

It is understood that, at present, some of the emerging European and American companies have begun the development and promotion of intelligent jewelry. For example, US intelligence jewelry brand Ringly, representative of one of the products are high-tech smart ring, may shock and breathing light reminder calls or text messages; and the United States launched Bellabeat Leaf smart jewelry, it can track activities, sleep and stress, menstrual cycle, so as to provide a complete health information; smart London jewelry brand vinaya, the introduction of smart jewelry products include rings, bracelets and necklaces and other accessories.replicas relojes tag heuer When e-mail, SMS or phone, it will be a slight vibration to remind the wearer. With the more traditional jewelry, watches brands and emerging brands into the smart wearable art, the entire field of wearable bring our products will become more humane, people’s lives more convenient.

Men’s Week intention was concave shape watch grab the limelight

Quarterly Fashion Week, which will outfit the influx of people must be the focus of the lens to capture, to wear clothing they defy understanding and attitude towards fashion. This time, the coordinates of London, British Lunfan suit all reflect the full suite of elegant British gentleman. Neat outfit seemingly simple, but very elegant attention to detail. Thus, with the influx of people watch became the focus of the whole outfit, grab the limelight. Leather strap or stainless steel material in cuffs with limb movement and looming, and with take-fitting suit, but do not seem hypocritical affectation.

Single product recommendation

For British Lunfan outfit speaking, a simple, classic watch is suitable has a lot of design details outfit. Thus, for elegant men, the choice of a simple but not simple watch, enough to highlight your British accent.

BLANCPAIN Blancpain Villeret series of large windows calendar watch


Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series of large windows calendar watch

Blancpain perfect sense of propriety, the “Agenda” to introduce the concept of pure known sweep watches, broken “by one point is more” in the present situation, not only retains the essence of the simple aesthetics, but also to meet the everyday life on the most basic function of the watch requests, elegant and functional complex features large calendar window by two broad windows side by side in large numbers show up, so the date of readings at a glance.

OMEGA Omega Constellation watch statue Pa


Omega Constellation watch SednaTM gold statue Pa paragraph
Pa uphold respect Omega watchmaking concept watch, equipped with the brand’s most advanced internal mechanical movement, inspired by highlighting the advanced watchmaking skills, accurate and reliable early Constellation watches. Each watch have to undergo a series of independent testing and certification testing program for its revolutionary watch industry has set a new quality standard.

PANERAI Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 power reserve taxis red gold watch

Radiomir 1940 3日动力储存辆的士红金腕表

Radiomir 1940 3 power reserve taxis red gold watch
When equipped with this watch features two display areas, and in simple design behind the show is superb brand exquisite elegant process. 47 mm pillow-shaped case made of red gold with 5nPt, highlighting the simplicity and beauty brand classic double dial. Superb hollow process, making the movement detail and polish filling aesthetic effect.

Carl.F.Bucherer Bucherer Mali Long phase of the moon rose gold watch


Mali Long phase of the moon rose gold watch elegant and simple, in addition to elegant moon phase function, the watch also has a date and week display. Although with a number of functions, the watch has a clear layout clear, three-dimensional trapezoid hour markers, black dial with bright 18K rose gold, extravagance is self-evident.
Bvlgari watches Bvlgari Octo


Has sculpted masculine line of BVLGARI Octo watch nature focused aesthetic essence, between the three short years since the birth of that is quickly becoming a representative of Bulgari watch one of the series. Octo charm place that exhibits elegance while both sophisticated features, it abandoned the simple design method and the subtlety of the design concept, called as a representative of the extreme and extraordinary outstanding personality.

IWC IWC Portofino Hand-wound watch classic simplicity


IWC Portofino Hand-wound watch classic simplicity
This simple classic watch abandon visual stimulation, simple design aesthetic, clear dial, full time to read the core element. Arched edge design make this table mirror diameter of 43.5 mm watch is not only appearance seems small, but also because of the traditional glass table mirror, even more clearly the shape of the classic harmony. Power reserve display at the back of the watch can be read through the transparent sapphire glass bottom of the table.

RADO Rado DiaMaster drill Pa series sweep second hand watches


RADO Rado DiaMaster drill Pa series sweep second hand watches
New RADO Rado DiaMaster drill Speedmaster large second hand watch, one piece of high-tech ceramic case of plasma, with easy to wear, comfortable and lightweight advantages hypoallergenic. Break through the traditional large open dial, the shape of digital creative design 8, highlighting the unique personality and taste, full of confidence.

Baume & Mercier watches Baume & Mercier Hampton


Baume & Mercier Hampton series

This proportion rectangular case Hampton watches harmony, refined atmosphere, polished stainless steel material filling the low-key style, a unique fusion of classic style and temperament, and formal suits for casual wear or weekend match. The new Hampton watches thickness of only 8.1 mm, perfectly fit the wrist, wear comfortable and convenient.

there must be a travel watch world

Lead: If you want to travel abroad, keep friends from different countries to send blessings, naturally need a watch with more time, this time, the watch world is indispensable.Of course, there must be a travel watch world

Glashütte Original Glashütte Original Members world watches


When the world watches Glashütte Original Members can also display 37 time zones (including the full hour, half an hour and 15 minutes or 45 minutes differences Area), each time zone are the International Air Transport Association airport code representation, clear and understandable, easy to read. This mechanical masterpiece can simultaneously display two time zones and time, and display both day and night, and made precise balance when daylight saving time to standard. Powerful, yet extremely easy to use.


Glashütte Original Glashütte Original Members world watches

The central longitudinal axis symmetric distribution, including the 12 o’clock position of the origin of time small dial, small second hand and the central hour hand at 6 o’clock, minute, all reflect the exquisite strict German watchmaking. On the horizontal axis is the distribution center at 9 o’clock local time, day / night window, the upper half of the golden sun, lifelike lower half into the night sky, Smart shine; and 3 o’clock Glashütte Original brand logo. Big eye-catching calendar display window at 4 o’clock position, with ivory as the background, showing off date black Arabic numerals.

Taipan Montblanc watch world heritage Orbis Terrarum


Montblanc Taipan heritage Orbis Terrarum watch dial decorated with a central earth pattern, signify the concept of Latin “Orbis Terrarum” representative of the “Universal World”. This from the Montblanc watchmaking workshop to create complicated watches can display the world’s 24 time zones where the city’s local time. Multilayered structure center of the dial with sapphire crystal glass exhibits from the Arctic continent observed pattern, the outer edge of the 24 cities marked with the name of the ring to represent different time zones. Dial outside the continental pattern in light blue ocean color rendering. Below the main dial is used to display circadian variations disc and 24-hour time zone display, along with the operation of the rotary movement. Adjustment buttons when the wearer during regulation time can be the first through the World dial 8:00 position, so that the local city name displayed in the 6 o’clock position on the dial, and then through the crown to move the hour and minute hands adjusted to the local right time (hour and minute hands always with the day / night display and a 24-time zone display is connected). Upon completion of this step, the sapphire crystal glass Dial will not only show the local time, at the same time will show the correct time for all 24 time zones.

Louis Vuitton Escale world three repeater watch


Louis Vuitton watch case lugs around is reminiscent of the classic eight corners have to travel hard case metal edging design of this world. Written in secret compartments of design inspiration, Escale world three repeater watch function has two secret keys through three questions putter and crown control. Thanks to its diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 11.75 mm and a thin bezel, Escale world’s 24 time zones three repeater watch beautiful on the dial can be read clearly.

The eight o’clock direction key and reserved rose gold ear simply converted to operate three questions putter, a good watch can be set before the wearer’s home time with the crown with melodious voice reported. We can see the machinery manufactured by manual winding movement through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, is by Louis Vuitton in Geneva La Fabrique du Temps Advanced Workshops watchmakers completely independently developed and assembled.

Breitling Galactic world time zone refined edition watch (Galactic Unitime SleekT)



Travel watch in watchmaking history Breitling has been occupying an important position, Breitling had launched a world-standard time functions Unitime sophisticated watch. Today, Breitling Galactic world time zone refined edition watch (Galactic Unitime SleekT) designed for complex timing functions do not pursue, seize the moment and look to the future of family life have designed.

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch


Room for confusion collected thousands of the world in which the Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch, the Admiral’s Cup series for the first-ever world map Day and night display timepieces feature. Watch Admiral’s Cup series to retain the unique characteristics of that case and dodecagon triangle nautical flag design time scale, and especially in the north of the center of the dial has a very center of the world map, decorated with Geneva stripes made even the 24-hour time zone and grid lines printed with white triangle sign, circular rotating disk, clearly shows all over the world as well as the local time zone day and night conditions: when the white triangle flag adjust to Greenwich Mean time, rotating disk full transparency half showing the area in the daytime, and the rotating disk was half gray area was represented by the evening hours, so that the wearer anywhere in the world to master the rhythm.


Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 Day & Night watch

In addition, for the convenience of the wearer at night or other special occasions Now time, its hour, minute, luminous pointer tip especially after treatment, the black and white world adds a touch Smart light.


Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time


Vacheron Constantin launched this year two new 18K white gold or 18K 5N pink gold Traditionnelle World Time watch dial center decorated with gold texture map. Vacheron Constantin mounted inside the case self-developed and manufactured 2460 WT movement. The patented self-winding mechanical movement displays the time in 37 time zones, including the world standard time (UCT) a difference of half an hour or fifteen minutes time zone. Dial display area consists of three components: sapphire dribbling and night shadow level, and carved and inked a 24-hour scale (18: 30-6: 30 between the indication area with bituminous coal gray background); standard metal plate painted with city the name and “Lambert projector” Golden texture CLC (Lambert projector) made of bright face is divided into land, frosted part of the ocean; painted metal outer minute scale and veneered gold hour markers. Dial the central gold world map with day and night indication.


Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time

The operating table is extremely simple, the wearer simply select the desired reference time to adjust against the black triangle mark 6 o’clock position, you can place the required standard time by the hour or 24 hours to read the disc, the other time 36 time zones will be able to simultaneously read. In the city on behalf of the entire black display time zone, red zone is displayed on behalf of a half or a quarter of the time zone of the city.

luxury watches as long as thousands of piece

Exhibition on the watch list really many, many of which are recommended before complications paragraph, paragraph diamond jewelry, this time recommend some good-looking and affordable entry level!

Calvin Klein ladies watch sunrise series

Provisional price: ¥ 1650- ¥ 1900


The Calvin Klein ladies watch sunrise series, with a unique way to show the beauty of nature on the dial, dial for women color add a bit unique and elegant, elongated strap also highlights the slender wrist. You can have black, white, beige and rose gold dial special section, it is not very seductive!


Tissot retro classic series

Provisional price: ¥ 7550


Strap and dial can be isolated, nostalgic classic of a watch yo. The table has male models and female models, prices are 7550 yuan, like nostalgia classic style friends do not miss the slightly ~


FIYTA India series

Provisional price: ¥ 3000 onwards


This watch design is very simple aesthetic modern, a lot of friends to see the first thing they praise, the key is the price is only 3 thousand pieces, fully in line with modern young people


Series Special paragraph Certina DS1 Himalaya

Provisional price: ¥ 5300 Yuan


The table belongs to Certina replica, engraved brand launched in 1960, only the first DS watch. That year, four Swiss climbers wearing the watch on board the rocket DS altitude of 8167 meters in the Dhaulagiri, it is rocket While the tribute. This table includes the color mix of the year are very retro feel. Price of 5300 yuan is also very easy impressive.


Emporio Armani

Provisional price: ¥ 8700


Tell everyone a little tips, buy EA watch, if you can see the words Swiss Made “swiss made” at the 6 o’clock position, congratulations, you buy will not take more than these words of EA senior watch some of yo ~ the watch dial color with hollow window super special, a bit like a peacock blue, business, fashion, leisure can be worn. 8700 prices, very good it ~


Sir Hamilton hollow female form

Provisional price: ¥ 8650


Do not think Hamilton is a tough choice, it can also be very elegant. Piece jazz hollow female form, plus a full skeleton movement hollow carved mother of pearl dial, such as hide and seek to show looming mechanical arts. With a retro brown leather strap, people will be able to remember its beauty.

Finally, to recommend another watch, the price is slightly higher than the thousand Yuan profile, but the price is also 10,000 newly hatched head can not be considered a little thing –


Tag Heuer Aquaracer series of new

Provisional price: 1.1 million cases

jj0T-fxqpchx6383934 (1)

TAG Heuer Tiger really part of the product line to build the first luxury watch a young concept, introduced this year Aquaracer series is in line with this characteristic, the style is relatively neutral, even if the size of the general male watch wrist table of girls wearing not significant dimension and, from RMB 10,000.

Rolex Oyster watch collection for ladies, perfect incarnation

Rolex Day Date Replica is the famous Swiss watch brand, its Oyster collection for ladies, is more classic style for the public understanding. The Rolex Oyster watch series ladies watch is the perfect incarnation, not only sets precision, reliability, and useful features in an elegant temperament, and for you to wear at different occasions. The Datejust 36mm Rolex ladies watch, with elegant design, small window lens surface magnified date display, classic shape, so in 1945, the advent of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies watch the world where a the most easily recognizable of watches.
Rolex Oyster Datejust Special Edition of this ladies Rolex Datejust Replica watch with 18ct gold, platinum, rose gold eternity carefully crafted, with the unique combination of surface diamond embellishment, craftsmanship and the art of timing, the classic ladies watch extraordinary interpretation head. The Rolex Oyster Pearl ladies log type watch, with its elegant lines and materials and unique. Its case diameter of 29 mm, trimmed with bright gems on the outer ring widened, some cut into a rectangular shape, and some use of brilliant diamonds, and even fitted in a separate gem base.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies Rolex Daytona Replica watch 31, 31 mm case in rich blend of contemporary colors and materials, dial and bracelet rose gold color gorgeous noble. This table continues tradition and heritage of timeless iconic Rolex Datejust watch elegance. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies watch, delicate case of only 26 mm, the combination of a Rolex Datejust watch a number of superb proprietary technology. In the delicate dial in and surface, we have the diamond inlay, beautiful shine.

Latest multicolored Rolex Day-Date watch reviews

In this session of the International Cheap Discount Replica Watches UK, Replica Rolex, Breiting Fair in Basel, attracted the most attention is the Day-Date watch with a multi-colored alligator strap, this is the first time for the Rolex. Of course, the price relative to all metal with also a lot cheaper, would like to start the Rolex Day-Date watch, this is a new really good choice. This sector of the Basel International Watch Fair, the launch of the latest Rolex Day-Date watch, the new watch there are three kinds of material and 6 colors, 18 ct gold case with green or cognac colored surface and strap; 18 ct gold case with blue or cherry surface and strap; 18 ct eternal rose gold case with chocolate or classic rhodium white surface and black strap.
Above a watch it uses 18K white gold, cherry-colored dial and strap design, the 12 o’clock position of the arc of the day display window on the classic Rolex crown LOGO, how to see how comfortable. Classic dog tooth ring, when the luminous bar icon. Although the strap into the glamorous cherry color crocodile leather strap, but we still feel the main features of the classic Rolex. This is a 18K gold to create watches and other siwss fake rolex, like the new watch is equipped with fully developed by Rolex 3155 automatic winding mechanical movement. Exquisite design and high quality of the production process of this movement have superior accuracy and reliability. Watch heart parts – balanced swing components using patent blue PARACHROM gossamer Rolex by Rolex exclusive cast alloy. This springs from magnetic interference, at a temperature change still stable, shock resistance up to 10 times faster than conventional springs.
Unique middle block 18 ct gold case original cast. Triangular grooved bottom by rolex replica watchmaker with a special tool exclusive brand tightened so that the case is completely sealed. Winding crown with patented waterproof Twill double locking system securely fastened to the case. Triangular grooved outer ring is a classic aesthetic characteristics rolex replica watches. Watch diameter of 36 mm, water resistant to 100 meters using Oyster case design is sturdy and elegant, perfectly proportioned model. The new 18 ct gold crown buckle perfect combination. This discount can easily adjust the strap length. European prices new Day-Date watch points are more than 20,000 Swiss francs, all precious metals to create money a lot cheaper relative.

Watch Details:
Oyster Perpetual Day-Date
Model (Case): 118,138
Oyster style case (original piece of metal casting middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown)
Diameter 36 mm
Material 18 ct gold, polished effect
Rolex triangle bottom grooved screwed caseback
Triangular grooved outer ring outer ring
Winding crown screw-lock Twill dual waterproofing system
Anti-scratch sapphire crystal mirror, double anti-reflective small window zoom lens (2.5x) calendar
Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)

Heritage Classic constantly breaking classic elegance Omega De Ville Comments

In the previous article in the Omega Seamaster Replica Watches long glorious history, as well as the brand’s four series Constellation, Seamaster and Speedmaster series, this article will introduce you to focus on the most elegant series Omega Ville. Ville began in 1960, was born in the watch industry an thinning trend. With the evolution of the times, Ville has maintained elegance ladies and gentlemen, and we will continue to expand and grow, today has been a very important Omega classical and elegant product line. Ville has many in small series, they were born in a different era, but also have a different course of development. Among the most familiar to the number of elegant series, which respectively have male Ville Classic Series table and Ville elegant female form series in the world has a very high sales, is the most popular brand watch series one.
This series has been grown up on the upgrade, timeless and elegant design, and offers a number of sizes and material selection, each consumer can find their own watches. Natural watch design simple, timeless, and any clothing with all complement each other. These outstanding qualities as a true classic This gives a bright future. Omega 1:1 Replica Watches De Ville Classic Series with its classic and elegant design, attracting many loyal supporters. This series of watches style, simple, elegant look gorgeous, reveals the remarkable timeless beauty. This watch with silver concentric dial decorated with 18K gold Roman numeral hour markers on the dial, and a calendar window, power reserve display window and a small seconds dial. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial sparkling provide comprehensive protection for this. Watch with 39.5 mm 18K red gold case with a brown leather strap, interior is equipped with Omega 2627 coaxial movement.

This watch with silver concentric dial, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock decorated with diamond hour markers and gold Roman numeral hour markers, calendar window at 3 o’clock position. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial sparkling provide comprehensive protection for this. 32.7 mm watch with stainless steel case with 18K gold diamond bezel, steel bracelet with 18K gold, inside is equipped with Omega 2500 coaxial movement. Ville Ladymati Omega Replica series is designed specifically for women of a series of watches, endorsement by the world famous actress Nicole Kidman. Ladymatic watch series was originally launched in 1955, it is one of the first designed for women’s self-winding watch. Half a century later, Omega redesign this series, so the name Ladymatic shine again. Ladymatic new female table series inherits the original watch is part of the design style, perfect watchmaking technology breakthrough timeless elegant design and Omega as a financial.
Equipped with coaxial escapement technology and copy omega replica watches highlight the unique charm of the new Ladymatic fashion female table series, learn the essence of the 1950s, and after a new refinement upgrades, the perfect present for a new century of great appreciation of the new era of women. 34 mm table Ladymatic wristwatch of attention with a series of materials to choose from, including 18K red gold or gold alloy, stainless steel or both glossy metal. 18K gold models of the inner body is made of titanium metal, and stainless steel models is used in the stainless steel table body. Ladymatic watch with a polished or snowflake diamond bezel. These watches according to its charming color dial, with the same material or satin-brushed bracelets belt for Meaningful case icing on the cake. Positive detachment Ladymatic watch decorated with black, white, brown, mother of pearl, purple, pink, blue or dark gray charming light ray pattern at 3 o’clock calendar window with a dial and configure 11 diamonds hour markers.

Cartier lit winter warm Christmas gift

Ying through white snow in the heart of the city lights dance in this piece wrapped in snow, the Cartier the replica watches uk sale Zhen election of portability as thanks to the widespread passion for the winter presented a loved ceremony. The timeless watch, gleaming jewelry and colorful and diverse accessories, are full of truth Zhi intended, Cartier thereby compose a melodious sounds of Christmas carols, bearing in mind a relaxing warm happy hour.

Unceasing spiritual achievements of the Cartier Tank watches centuries beyond the ultimate elegant, understated taste and lack of new ideas has always attracted the attention of the ladies and gentlemen. In the time between the wrist inch quiet flowing, emotion in meaningful scale in leisurely bloom, Cartier Tank watches Jingya to bear in mind the good old days of the state of life. This year launched a new Tank MC Cartier watches to magnanimity re-interpretation of the famous Tank rectangular shape. Classic-minute track and Roman numerals classical tradition, calendar and small seconds apart in rich watch features, even more the passage of time at a glance. fake Cartier watches first self-movement workshops –1904 MC self-winding mechanical movement mounted, in the margins of mature men to meet the pursuit of excellence, more time-sensitive urban life indomitable faith and courage.

Compared to simple masculine style, hollow dial with palladium gold case and alligator strap design is contemporary Aston declared their maverick. Hollow dial just like a half-open window, the introduction of a probe the mysteries of time goes by, giving the wearer to walk free and easy time with the atmosphere. Tank Anglaise watch since the beginning of the birth, then its integration simple shape captured the hearts and minds of countless aristocratic ladies. In this year’s launch of the new design, the bright red light lotus ignite fiery passion winter, gorgeous diamonds set on the iconic vertical lugs, more shine pretty young female figure, a different kind of winter brings a touch of vitality.

The soft feminine rhyme in another Tank Américaine watch is rolex replica watches demonstrated most vividly. Serpentine chain strap designed to reveal the mysterious charm sexy curves, satin fit the wrist to show the curvature of the perfect ergonomics, without losing the distinguished and elegant. Paved dazzling diamonds decorate the watch into the most dignified CLS jewelry, Christmas Eve jump, however, the focus of attention of Health. Each Cartier watches are only interpretation of a warm blessing, I believe in this cold winter in Christmas, this gift will certainly make people who receive it more intimate, while the classic timepiece is a good time the best witness.